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    Guy Lombardo - The Saint Louis Blues, 1930


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    Joined DM following your comment on YT but haven't seen recent uploads from you. Do you still upload here? Also enjoying uploads from some of your various commenters. Lombardo is always great.
    Przez nzauckland3 lata temu
    Boston Blackie
    Wow! GL could be more than just a sweet band when he wanted to. Nice vintage auto pics!
    Przez Boston Blackie6 lat temu
    Great version of the beloved blues. The car posters are enchanting with their brilliance and their sophisticated artistry. Didn't the cars of the period have the grandest design? Sorry for the (almost) last car.Looks like it just melted.
    Przez dzheger6 lat temu
    Lana. thank you, suddenly the African weather in Poland changed into a Caribean hurricane season so your wishes for a good rest of a summer are just right. For any case, however, I rather spend last weeks of a sommer somewhere in the South of Europe or North of Africa. I don't trust my Mitteleuropa any more :-(
    Przez grzegorz2402526 lat temu
    My Dear Lana
    Please click on your friends and approve me as a friend so that I can write to you.
    I can't write until you approve me..I want to thank you for your comments.
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