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    Northern Ireland Bomb Attack Injures 3 Children


    by NTDTelevision

    A bombing in Northern Ireland is the latest in a series of attacks targeting police, sparking fears of a return to the years of unrest in Northern Ireland known as "the Troubles."

    The latest bombing appeared intended to hit police, but injured three children, hit by flying debris and then treated in a hospital.

    The blast in Lurgan, County Armagh occurred during a day heightened tension in the UK province. Elsewhere -- in Londonderry -- a highly contested Protestant parade had taken place.

    Authorities blame the attack on dissident republicans trying to destabilize the peace that has been in place since an agreement in 1998.

    [John O'Dowd, Councilor for Sinn Fein, Irish Republican Party]:
    "These groups do believe that dragging us back into conflict is somehow the way forward but they are mistaken. They need to stop and they need to allow this society and the people in this town and across the north to move on in a peaceful way."

    Earlier in August another bomb struck a police station, but did not injure anyone.
    Attacks from nationalist splinter groups have increased since they killed two soldiers and a police officer in March 2009.

    Most analysts agree the groups do not pose a threat to the peace deal of 1998, but are a reminder of the years of violence that claimed the lives of 3,500 people.