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    Interdimensional Phenomena & the Paranormal 1 of 12


    by OldKrypton


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    It might pay to search the Government documents on voice to skull weapons. I've read the information that concerns the risk to humans who the energy is being directed, it is there and I will locate it hopefully I saved that pdf.
    It appears the powers that be are using the equipment to produce the relaxing of the mind against such phenomena.
    I would not be so quick to accept such phenomena as paranormal, just look at all the TV shows producing what are purported to be Ghost hunting. It would be really easy to plant in our minds that EVPs are real using technology that the government claims exists.
    Through the wall EVPs, Microwave V2S (voice to skull). Be prepared though, if you discount their system, they will attack, and if you seek the practicing health care help, they will drug you. If you don't seek their help, the harassment is on going, look up Group stalking, and I am speaking of the CIA, FBI, and the like agencies that use this technology.
    By TheMarcusMark5 years ago