Xcorps Converse Coastal Carnage SKATE X SPECIAL

Stuart Edmondson

by Stuart Edmondson

Xcorps Coastal Carnage SKATE X SPECIAL - Xcorps Action Sports TV rolled into Huntington Beach California for the U.S. Open of Surfing last week and shot the Converse COASTAL CARNAGE Skate Jam.

Some of the best skateboard talent on earth ripped the cool blue custom skate course for fun fame and fortune at the high profile three day venue.

Xcorps on camera host Jason Lazo is featured reporting from the U.S. Surf Open event which now draws close to 500,000 people! The Converse COASTAL CARNAGE jam will be the core action making up the next XC episode called SKATE X. Stay tuned!

Check out the new Xcorps TV SKATE X SPECIAL promo video just released for web airing online.
This film features the wild action and brutal CRASHES from the Tuesday Aug.3 practice day:

New music from Suburban NoiZe band Authority Zero doing their song "Crashland"- a nice fit for the skate action!

Stay Tuned for XC #51 "SKATE X" now in edit.
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