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    Reverend Al Sharpton LIVE 2010

    Reverend Al Sharpton gives a speech to the
    National Association of Student Affairs Professionals at the
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

    Through this speech, he conveys the message of leadership.

    With the many elements of leadership that he expresses, such as
    imitation, focus, goals and authenticity, it supports his point of view
    that if you are going to become a leader, then be the best leader that
    you can possibly be.

    While listening to this speech, I ask that you open your hearts and minds to not only finding ways in which you can be a better leader,
    but to also become a better supporter to those people who give it their
    all in being great leaders.

    In other words, you can't have one without the other;
    we all have to play our own positions.

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