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    Rey Mysterio vs Ken Kennedy Part 2


    by swatqc

    9 527 views


    wé catcheur dans tes reves PrincedePerse ^^ Tu crois kon devient catcheur comme ca ?
    By solidus01018 years ago
    garth leslie robinson
    Just when i was starting to think for once there would be no gimmicks,frills or interference in this two part w.w.e. match it happens at the end,and its about time this sort of crap was put a stop to it,other wise it would have been given a Brilliant Rating by me,as there was a good action match going well.It is one reason that never held in any favour by me,there for never my real choice for regular viewing.
    By garth leslie robinson9 years ago
    MaMa DeW
    sale boufon de gerrero!!
    By MaMa DeW9 years ago
    Quel fdp ces 2 la tout sa pour ke Rey perde c des enculé dleur Race de merde!
    By Brouky9 years ago
    Kan je serrais catcheur, je buterrais la gueule a Chavo naaa -_-'
    By PrinceDePerse9 years ago
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