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    Area 51 UFO Sighting & Wackenhut 2of2 Anthony J Hilder


    by anthonyjhilder

    Testimony from “Mafia Mike” about his UFO sighting near Area 51. Very startling and evidential sighting from an area that was on BLM land at one time. Since then the land is now off limits and in the restricted area. Closely allied private Wackenhut guards this area for the military.

    Taken from the video “Panic Project” by Anthony J Hilder.

    Free World Film Works

    Free World Alliance

    “ Does the American Illuminati have any reason to panic the public by “creating” a cataclysmic invasion from outer space? The Cashists understand the the masses would have to be terrorized through the “staging” of an “event” for them to voluntarily give up their nations, their independence and their freedom to a Global Government that should offer the “protect” the planet from the space invaders.