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Theo Chalmers interviews the extraordinarily charismatic Anthony J Hilder, from Nevada, USA, who has worked for over forty years to uncover the layers of secrecy, obfuscation and lies which protect that elite group which allegedly has as its mission the creation of The New World Order. He has made 21 documentaries including 9-11 - The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, Illuminazi 911 and his film about the privately-owned Federal Reserve banking system called Frankenfed.


was he stoned or drunk?! looks a bit like howard marks actually. he didnt seem to take the interview seriously, bit silly, shame.
By motioncrittical 4 years ago
Mr Hilder is on of the Original Conspiracy Researchers in the world. The one who first put out records by Myron Fagan about the Illuminati in the mid 1960s. He is a film maker in Hollywood. He is a reporter, a journalist, a public speaker. He wants to help save the sovereignty of the UK. The New World Order is clamping down on the Uk now. The European Union is the new EUSSR. It is not Democratic, it wants to take away the legal system of the UK it wants to take away the voice of the people. The UK has been sold down the river! People now have to stop Cooperating with a system that does not serve them and they have no say in. Lawful Rebellion Now!
By rcoones 4 years ago
Mr Hilder will be going on a 2nd UK tour in the next few months. Check out our site:
By rcoones 4 years ago