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    Straight Talk cell plans are the best

    Sam Turner

    by Sam Turner



    This advert doesn't sit entirely right with me. I suppose it is supposed to accentuate the difference between what is real, and what isn't. Thats all fine and well, until I consider getting my kids straight talk phones, and then realizing that the smallest plan is 1000 minutes big - that's not going to be condusive to a real relationship with my kids.
    By Kratersin5 years ago
    daisy boxer
    no pretence with straight talk, the real thing for the real life, where people are allways interrested to save money.i save a lot of money since i got the straight talk prepaid unlimited plan for $45 a month. i agree with the green parrot4, i can afford the extra $15 a month, and it gives me just so much more freedom. unlimited talk, text and data is just amazing. not that i use the data all that much, but i do use my phone a lot. so for me straight talk unlimited is the perfect plan.
    By daisy boxer5 years ago
    Lunah Mendez
    I'd rather pay the extra $15 to buy the $45 Straight talk unlimited plan instead of the $30 plan for 1000 min & texts and 30MB of data because you actually get more value for your money if you talk for more than an hour a day. Plus if the whole family uses my phone when I'm at home at night and weekends allot then calls & texts are almost free.
    By Lunah Mendez5 years ago
    I think it's high time straight talk start offering something more affordable than their two plans. Sure you can't beat the deals. Nobody even comes close, and now they have better coverage. But what about something similarly cheap for low end users?
    By Dharmasi5 years ago
    funny video. Straight talk is a great plan also. I have used the phones from straight talk and so have my daughters. With straight talk everyone is happy.
    By Hersy243095 years ago
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