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    Straight Talk cell phones available at Walmart

    Sam Turner

    by Sam Turner



    I called my mom to show her what people say about Straight Talk and she said that if it will only cost her $45 with no added extra's she would be willing to get me a phone and get me ST. You know what this means..............I'm getting ST!
    By ElaineP20115 years ago
    I could never afford a contract as my credit rating is shot as I lost my job when the economy crashed. I could not get a job as I had no contact details, this was a mad cycle as I need to provide contact details on my Resume but I could not get a phone because of my credit, until I came across Straight Talk where I could get a cell phone at next nothing. I NOW HAVE A JOB!
    By SharkBait20115 years ago
    straight talk is no good for people who like to overspend. Straight talk is for people who know how to save and want to be happy doing so. Straight talk is not idiots...
    By Tweedledumby325 years ago
    @CarolJ71 - My experience is actually with the Samsung R451 (current phone) and I highly, highly recommend it if you are a big texter - the slider keyboard works great and it still has the Bluetooth and other options of the model you are looking at. However, the phone is $20 more than the 290c so you might be turned off of that.
    By JanNMel5 years ago
    i have been happy with the coverage and the price, but am really unhappy with the cheap phone i bought trying to be thrifty! I am thinking about theLG290C....anyone have any experience with it?
    By CarolJ715 years ago
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