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    Straight Talk - at Walmart

    Fred West

    by Fred West



    Another big up for the Straight Talk for choosing to use Verizon and AT&T signal towers. ST has been conpassionate to people like me who are trying to fix our credit rating. Still have yet to find a deal quite as good as this.
    By SharkBait20115 years ago
    I found at Wal-mart a cellphone that fits me well, Or gives me good service I will better say. It has NO contract, no hidden charges and for a minimal amount per month (compare to what I used to pay) I have unlimited calling/text/free 411 calls and everything else. Give it a try to see if this plan an cell form ST are the right one's for you. It will be way better than having a company with a 2 yr. contract. Good Luck!
    By memey245 years ago
    It's all true about the savings, I have been with Straight Talk for 6 month's and have saved $425. Incredible savings, no contracts, no hidden charges, and ST even transferred my number that I had with AT&T to ST and in a matter of 30 min. I've had no problems with my Samsung R355c and for $30 a month I have 1000 min. that is enough for me for talking, texting, free 411 calls ( I use this a lot) and 30 mb don't use it much. Make the switch and save.
    By mysticmey5 years ago
    Been doing a lot of research on the web lately about Straight Talk. I have never really heard of them but I saw a commercial on TV the other day and I got curious. I cannot believe that I relatively unheard of company is offering plans for such a low price. wow.
    By josy26325 years ago
    I bought the same phone from Wal-mart. So easy to text,can do it with one hand and love that it goes through so fast. Before use to be afraid to text so much,charged for every text i went over, and do i love to text! Now I text in my sleep! And always the same price,no surprises.This plan with Straight Talk fits me to a "T".I'm a fearless texter now, thanks ST!
    By shaystar5 years ago
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