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    Jai Jawan with Salman Khan


    by NDTV


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    One of the worst episodes of Jai Jawan. NDTV, please dont demoralize our troops by inviting people who say that they wish there was no need of these brave men. As if we start wars. This is extremely humiliating. And maybe I missed it, but where was the attitude of being grateful to these men. He like "Yeah aacha laga muze yahan aakar. Ladko ki party...." Dude say something that will respect the sacrifices that these guys make. Something like I cant do what you guys do cuz I am busy chasing money and bitches.

    NDTV, Why dont you instead invite people that could boost their morale and support their feelings and their passions that have made them join the forces in the first place.
    By dehydratedpaani5 years ago