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    Spiralling Prices Affect Flood Victims Across Pakistan


    by NTDTelevision

    Pakistan’s worst flooding in decades, triggered by torrential monsoon downpours, have ruined many farmlands and hammered the country’s agricultural industry.

    Residents in the Swat Valley were hit hard by the flooding and now the prices of essential commodities have also skyrocketed.

    [Nisar Ahmed, Local Resident]: (male, Pashto)
    “Why on earth has last year's crop vanished into thin air? It has not. It is all lying in their stocks, in their stores.”

    A meat seller says the prices of animals for slaughter skyrocketed after the floods swept away tens of thousands of animals.

    Agriculture is a mainstay of the economy, and wheat, cotton and sugar crops have all been hit hard.

    Flood victims across the country who have lost everything they had, are now losing their patience.

    [Meher Din, Flood Victim]: (male, Punjabi)
    "Where am I going to get that money from? Rob a bank?"

    Shopkeepers say they know it’s not a good situation.

    [Ata Mohammad, Shop Owner]: (male, urdu)
    "It is a strain on the customer; it is a strain on us."

    Floods have killed more than 1600 people and forced two million from their homes.