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    Bomb Explodes in Colombian Capital


    by NTDTelevision

    A suspected car bomb injures at leats 16 people in the Colombian capital of Bogota. There are no reports of deaths from the incident.

    The moment of a suspected car bomb attack in Colombia's capital of Bogota.

    The explosion has injured at least 16 people, but so far there have been no reports of deaths.

    The incident occurred outside of the city's main radio station, as windows 30 stories high shattered from the blast.

    This was the first major bombing since President Juan Manuel Santos took office last week.

    [Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian President]:
    "It is a terrorist act and for that reason we cannot fall into the trap. I ask that we continue with our normal lives. The authorities will carry out their investigations and once again, to all our Colombians, let's continue with our normal lives. They are not going to ruin the party, as they say. They are not going to achieve that. We are going to continue fighting terrorism with everything we have in our reach."

    Urban attacks have become rare over recent years, since former president Alvaro Uribe began a crackdown of rebels and drug traffickers.

    During the height of Colombia's conflicts, bombings and massacres regularly made daily headlines.