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    Bike to Make Electricity: Rollergen


    by EcoBold

    More info here: s mobile power source by Rollergen is a source that charges your battery while you bike, with your own leg power. In other words: cycle your power, bike to make electricity, make your own energy with this rechargeable battery. It's so amazing that if you bike for only ten minutes, you'll be able to charge your cellphone from empty to full, with your own energy! The founders of Rollergen have over 120 years of experience in electromagnetic design and were able to produce a very powerful battery: it can make 30 watts of energy each time. When that battery is fully charged, the electricity gathered can charge any USB products such as cell phones, your laptop, camera, iPod and even the iPad. It's you, cycling your power with this battery bike. If only I was a biker, my iphone would always be charged! I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your own energy with Rollergen! Overview of Rollergen, from their own website: Energy is plentiful. It comes from many different, equally valid sources. And it is not owned by anyone. Here's how you can make your own. Cycle your power with this high wattage mobile power source. Turn pedal power into electric power. Charge your USB devices. Enables off-grid adventures. Centerpiece of emergency preparedness. Boasts Silicon Valley’s latest technology electromagnetics, battery chemistries, and power electronics. Designed by High Tide. Highlights: - Rechargeable - Removable - Makes 30 watts - Make your own energy! - Rechargeable bike lights - Use charged battery as camping light - 1/50th of the cost of the equivalent in AA batteries