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Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2010-07-20 1st Journal, Mayan day 3 Eagle ♥ TRANSCRIPT: There's much more in the written journal this time than in the recording. Please take a moment to look at the text. It includes full instructions for creating a document template, too ;) ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel TIPS & TRICKS SERIES - Little Things Make a Difference Intro: I write in a lovely new blue color I defined, today. I am so happy to have figured out, a while ago, how to retain the new colors I define - by placing them in the underlying template. Only thus will they be there for the next journal I produce. For a while it was a bit frustrating, to be defining these lovely colors, and then having them gone for the next writing. It took a while to figure out. The first impulse was to place blame on the program, as being somehow inferior. It may not be Microsoft Word that I use, but I didn’t put out hundreds of dollars for this, either - only $30 or so. Did you know there is an open source program that is quite free, and just as powerful as MS Word is? It’s a whole MS Office type suite actually, called Open Office Org. Just for fun, let’s let everyone know what open source software is. That’s when the source code is made freely available, and the program is built by collaboration of all interested parties. Anyone can make a suggestion for an improvement or a function to include. Sun Microsystems makes this office suite, and their name, in their own way, is as big as Microsoft’s is. You might want to go to and check it out, next time Microsoft wants umpty-ump dollars for an upgrade, or for your next PC or MAC. Just a thought. It’s time for more open-source living, don’t you think? I think that’s where this new age is headed. How about you? Sun Microsystems was simply prophetic or far seeing in their way of collaboration to build the best product... Distributed by Tubemogul.

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you are? so funny ;) ..i feel lonely though.. !!!
By tishasweety 3 years ago