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    SS Rose Castle Wreck Dive, Newfoundland


    by doryvideo

    The SS Rose Castle off Bell Island was sunk as a result of a torpedo from a German submarine sneaking into Conception Bay during WW2. The ship was an English-built merchant ship designed to carry iron ore from the mines on Bell Island to their final destinations across Atlantic. The Rose Castle lies in 35m of water and is around 13 0m long. She features a stern gun, an intact marconi (radio) room, and portholes which still contain glass.

    The superstructure is located amidships and two massive cargo holds placed between the superstructure and bow/stern.

    Rose Castle went down on November 2, 1942, struck by a torpedoes fired by German U-boat U-518.

    Filmed while diving with Ocean Quest ( using a Sont HC-7 camera in a Gates housing. Ambient light was used for most of the dive however a pair of Squid 250s were on hand to provide a little extra light when required