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    This Instant-Joseph Gordon Levitt


    by Kelsea

    I couldn't resist. I LOVE ME SOME JGL! (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) I also had to use this song because it says 'jiggle' in the very end and whenever I see his initials, JGL, that's how I read them. x)
    He's just so cute and an incredible actor. Saw him in Angels in the Outfield when I was little and he caught my attention again in Inception :) So I went and watched almost all of his other movies and WHOA! This guy knows his shit.

    Anyways, this is my first try with a up-beat song so I'm not really good at this yet! But I worked really hard, so I hope you like it.
    All of the pictures are from google and the clips feature Joseph and the adorable Zooey Deschanel.
    Thanks for watching! Comment if ya want, tell me which JGL movies are your favorite. :)
    SONG: This Instant by Sophia Fresh ft. T-Pain
    PROGRAM: Sony Vegas 9.0 (Trial Version)