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    China flood toll rises with more rain on way


    by ODN

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    Overnight thunderstorms brought more misery to survivors in northwestern China on Thursday as the death toll rises to 1,117.

    Flooding at the weekend and massive landslides wrecked havoc in three villages in Gansu province's Zhouqu district. The entire area was swallowed in waves of mud and rubble-strewn water.

    The National Weather Center forecast heavy rains in the coming days and the threat of additional landslides along the Bailong River was said to be "relatively large."

    Rain brought more mudslides sweeping away six houses in the Xizangba village, blocked a river near Libazi village and obstructed a key road used to ferry relief goods.

    Tents set up as emergency shelters were flooded and scared survivors said they were reminded of the chaos on Saturday.

    Around 630 people are now missing with hopes of them being found looking more and more unlikely.

    Flooding in China has killed more than 2,000 people this year and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage across 28 provinces and regions.