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    XLinks - Communicating between XMOS processors - David ...


    by XMOS LTD

    Discuss this video with our community at Join David May, CTO of XMOS as he goes over some of the key concepts behind "Xlinks" and the variety of methods you can use to connect them between our processors. Typically designed to be connected via tracks on a circuit board (like our XMP-64, a 25.6 GIPS development board which uses 16 quad-core XMOS processors), however inter-board connectivity can also be established using sockets (like on our XK-1 boards) or by using flexible connections. Xlinks allow communication between threads on any number of XMOS processors in a speedy manner. Even better, the programmer does not have to worry about where everything is as the hardware will automatically deal with routing to ensure you get to right processor for you. About XMOS XMOS is the leader in event-driven processors™ for digital electronics. XMOS event-driven processors ™ are high performance, predictable, processors.