Bangladesh International Day of the World Indigenous People

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This week the world’s indigenous people are being recognized around the world. And in Bangladesh, a celebration kicked-off for its ethnic minority communities living in the country.

Bangladesh observed the International Day of the World's Indigenous People on Monday, to give recognition to its 45 indigenous minority groups.

This year's slogan is “right culture and self-identity of the indigenous people.”

[Sadhana Tripura]: (English)
"Today we gathered here, today is the International Day of World's Indigenous people, we want our constitutional consideration as citizens of Bangladesh, like other people."

The Bangladesh Indigenous Forum gave the government a charter of demands for the development of the country’s ethnic minority communities.

The demands include self-rule for ethnic communities, their constitutional recognition, a policy for their socio-economic development and recognition of their customary land rights.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon praised the world's indigenous people, saying in a statement that a vast majority of humanity's cultural history has been preserved because of indigenous people. He also reaffirmed the United Nation’s commitment to their well being.

Around the world, different social groups and ethnic communities will observe the day to highlight the themes of economic and social rights of ethnic minority groups.

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