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    Ebb and Gro Explained by The Grow Show


    by thegrowshow

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    I'm Alex and this is the Grow Show in Ann Arbor, Michigan. What I'm grabbing here today is the Ebb and Gro system. Its starts out with 12 pods with 2 gallons in each pod. This is a great little system I'm talking about today, the Ebb and Gro 12 pot system. It can be expanded up to 48 pots. The pots are 2 gallons a piece. What this is is a mobile flood drain. This system comes with 12 pots. We can configure this system to any shape or size you want. Inside the kit come the master brain, which is the timer with two pumps that drain in and flood back out. This is your 55 gallon reservoir for all your nutrients, water changes, flushes, fills, everything you need here is in one central location. It comes with bottom buckets which the water floods up though where your plant sits in and top buckets that your plant can sit down into, seated inside. The nice thing about this system is that if you have a problem with the unit is you simply pick up the unit that the plan is in, and walk away with it. The plant is not restricted inside the unit, its not bound by other plants, it can be easily taken out for flushing for treating or for anything you need to do to move it. Also included in the kit is an easy Resipe for Success from TechnaFlora. This kit comes complete with rooting hormone, all the nutrients you need, and a nifty piece of paper to tell you how to use them. This is my favorite system available right here at the Grow Show at 4095 Stone School Road, Ann Arbor Michigan or on the web