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    Perseverance and Sacrifice: A Young Sailor’s Dream Achieved


    by NTDTelevision

    Where most teenage boys might spend their youth studying, partying, or dreaming of their ideal girl. Max Marian spent his time dreaming of building and racing his ideal yacht. So at 15 years of age, he left school to begin an apprenticeship in boat building.

    Shipwright Julian Griffiths, employed Max and provided valuable advice. While working hard in the trade during the day, his nights and weekends were devoted to designing and building his own dream creation.

    [Max Marian, 17, Sailor]:
    “About two years ago I decided to build this boat. Ever since I started sailing when I was seven years old I always had a dream to build a boat.”

    Not completely satisfied with existing designs, Max and Julian settled on their own custom chine design, with sharp angles for cutting through the water. “Galaxy Bounce”, as the sleek 20 footer came to be named, gradually took shape. And even before completion, she was entered into Australia’s second largest yacht race.

    [Max Marian, 17, Sailor]:
    “Bay to Bay was pretty much a last minute decision. Didn’t know if the boat would be ready. It was sort of a kick along to get the boat ready”.

    But last minute preparations for the race, weren’t all smooth sailing for Max.

    [Max Marian, 17, Sailor]:
    “A few hiccups along the way. The sail makers broke one of their sewing machines so we couldn’t actually get the sails until 5 am in the morning of the Bay to Bay. So yeah, a quick trip down to Caloundra to pick them up then up to Tin Can Bay to get the boat all set up and hopefully have a little practice run before we started the race.”

    Fortunately, with a little sailor’s luck, everything was ready in time. He took the helm knowing, that whatever the outcome, he had already achieved his dream.

    Along with his three crew members, two of whom were also teenagers, Max’s dream was reaching new realms, as Galaxy Bounce was passing yacht after yacht, captained by sailors with decades of experience.

    Robert Apicella, NTD Sunshine Coast, Australia