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    Maharashtra State Chief Says Oil Spill under Control


    by NTDTelevision

    Here's the latest on an oil spill off the coast of Mumbai. Authorities say the situation is now under control. Oil is no longer gushing into the Arabian Sea, but business at the port, which is India's busiest, is still on hold.

    The chief of India's western Maharashtra state says no fresh leakages have been reported from a sinking Panamanian cargo vessel off the coast of Mumbai.

    A Panamanian ship was left aground and half keeled over after colliding with another ship five nautical miles off Mumbai early on Saturday morning. All crewmembers were rescued.

    The ship was carrying an estimated 500 tons of oil, diesel and lubricating oil at the time, which has leaked into the sea.

    Many containers also fell into the sea after the ship tilted.

    [Ashok Chavan, Chief, India's Western Maharashtra State]:
    “From yesterday morning the seepage or the leakage of the oil into the sea has totally stopped, that is the information given to me by the Indian coast guards, that is the latest.”

    The port of Mumbai, India's busiest, was shut down after the collision. It will resume normal operations by Sunday.