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    Life for killer nurse who faked wife's death


    by ODN


    A nurse who murdered his long suffering wife and tried to make it look like a car crash is beginning life behind bars.

    Brent Mott, 32, strangled wife Kate, 35, at their home in Everard Road, Southport, in the early hours of January 21 in a row about their divorce.

    The couple were in the final stages of their divorce when Mott "lost all self control" during an argument.

    He is thought to have raped Kate before beating her round the head with a weapon and strangling her with her pyjama top.

    After killing her, Mott changed the mother-of-two's clothing and put her in their Ford Focus - with a bottle of vodka and pills she had been taking for her bad back. He drove to a farmer's field in nearby Scarisbrick where he superficially damaged the car and abandoned his wife's body.

    He was ordered to serve a minimum term of 25 years before being considered for early release.