Angelica Meditation with Christiane Muller, CD Collection

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ANGELICA MEDITATION COLLECTION with Christiane Muller on The Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology, which represents the origin of Angels as we know Them, favors dream recall, relaxation and the regeneration and opening of consciousness. The inspiration of the 72 meditations helps to integrate the Qualities and Powers of the Angels. The instrumental version, composed by Andre Leclair and Kaya, is used as background while, through her relaxing and inspiring voice, Christiane Muller transports us into the depths of the soul by communicating the Essence of Angelic Knowledge of The Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology. Each CD consists of 6 guided meditations on a specific Angelic Energy, each lasting app. 12 min., for a total of app. 72 min. of relaxation per CD. The entire collection is made of 12 CDs (6 Angels per CD) to represent all the 72 Angels. A CD can be chosen with the qualities you would like to develop or a difficult situation that you are going through or you can start discovering this extraordinary Meditation Collection by choosing the meditation of your birth Angel. Here are the birth dates for: CD Vol. 8: Angel 30 Omael (Aug. 18-22), Angel 29 Reiyel (Aug. 13-17), Angel 28 Seheiah (Aug. 7-12), Angel 27 Yerathel (Aug. 2-6), Angel 26 Haaiah (July 28 to Aug. 1), Angel 25 Nith-Haiah (July 23-27)


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"Remember that if you have difficulties in your life, they are always triggered by memories on the inside"

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