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    The Big Society in Action


    by WORLDwrite



    Looking at the viewing figures, it is not really working, is it?
    I don't think we need a foreign 'newsreader' lecturing OUR kids, nor a Yankee over here acting the hard man.
    By UKPropaganda5 years ago
    Joe Gitgun
    Basically, they are creating the modern-day Hitler Youth brigades.
    The SAME agenda has happened in America with the 'City Year' project and other stuff.
    By the way, what the hell have we GOT A YANK telling us what to do?
    Alarm bells should start ringing over this fascist agenda.
    By Joe Gitgun5 years ago
    I think it’s a good initiative but I agree you can’t force people to do it. I think it should be optional rather than being part of national service. It assumes that all young people are idle when some them do keep themselves very busy with purposeful activities. On the other hand there are people with a lot of time and nothing to do that, would really like something useful to do something like this and who would benefit from a voluntary scheme like this. However, there are such things already, so maybe it’s not so much about having a new scheme but the government needing to do more promotion to young people about what is available out there.
    By louiseaj086 years ago