Grinderman - "Heathen Child"

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New single from Grinderman, pre-order now:
Heathen Child is released on 6th September. The video is directed by John Hillcoat.
Live @ La Cité de la Musique (Paris) on oct 26th
New album "Grinderman 2" out on 14th September on digital, Deluxe CD & LP

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13 commentaires

joli clip
Par bastien *********** il y a 3 ans
ok. if this thing was actually directed by John Hillcoat (as in the Proposition director), then I guess I just don't "get it."

maybe it's some kind of statement against the progress of digital special effects and editing?

maybe the eye beams look like the worst kind of 80s special effects on purpose? although what that purpose is, I still can't fathom.
Par nobuddy19 il y a 3 ans
I truly love Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, so it pains me to say this... but this is maybe the worst music video I've ever seen.It's like if VH1 tried to make a Residents-style music video, but then they spent the whole budget on drugs and ended up forcing their middle-school age kid to do post production and editing on his iPod.Seriously if you like the band, don't watch this. Watch this instead: Whoever made this god-awful video did.
Par nobuddy19 il y a 3 ans
wow ..! . ,
Par sweetygirl44 il y a 3 ans
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Par monica338 il y a 3 ans