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    XMOS XDK - Web Based Oscilloscope (NetScope)


    by XMOS LTD

    Discuss this video with our community at Join Corin Rathbone as he takes us through his final year project, where by he created a web based oscilloscope based around the XMOS platform. The project's boards were designed and laid out using KiCad. For recognition of his projects excellence, Corin went on to win the prestigious Boeing award, presented by Sir Roger Bone. Oscilloscope specification: * Analogue Channels: 2 * Analogue Channels Maximum Sampling Rate: 40 Msps * Analogue Bandwidth: 20 MHz * Vertical Resolution: 12 bits * Dynamic Range: 72 dB * Analogue Input: 1M / 15pF BNC * Analogue Input Coupling: AC/DC (Software Controlled) * Analogue Input Voltage Range: -5V to +5V (In 1x Mode) * Analogue Input Absolute Maximum Voltage Range: -5.5 to 5.5V * Digital Channels: 8 * Digital Channels Maximum Sampling Rate: 50 Msps * Digital Voltage Range: 0-5V * Digital Absolute Maximum Voltage Range: -0.5 to 5.5V * Digital Logic Level High: 2V