RCT3 Full Game Download (crack) No Virus!!! NOT A DEMO ...


by MrSierraSimone

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Download File: http://gomyshare.com/JuneBrown6756366964/game_full *****INSTRUCTIONS BELOW***** This is the FULL game, Don't leave comments saying "is this the demo or what" If you looked at the title you would know its the FULL GAME! No virus, you can you use a virus scan. I forgot! 1) Open your internet browser, in the url box 2) Put in the verify. code 3) Let it download 4) While it's downloading, go to your desktop, make a folder called RCT3 (any name) 5) Once its done, open it, you should have one file called "RollarCoaster Tycoon" 6) if it downloaded correctly, inside there should be files 7) Extract all the files to the folder you made 8) Find the RCT3 (panda icon) then start your game 9) You can not put the .exe on the desktop, all the files must be together (meaning, when you exit, you have to click your folder and start it up, not the desktop) Hope this helped Feel free to comment and subscribe!


?hq version is at this link get7.pw/mMJN
By BradJefferson60300 Thursday
UPDATE: fuwuzhinan.pw/b0kk (high quality movie)
By WesleyHansen34265 2 weeks ago
This is the only service that has a working video bb-u.de/4yQE
By EricaChambers19451 2 weeks ago