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    Magnetic Generators - Economical and Easy to Build


    by chubaiw

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    '''►► -''' Consciousness about our environment has finally dawned upon each one of us and we have started looking at alternate sources of green energy to power up our homes and work places. Solar and wind power have gained the recognition already and has been put to use by many but now there is a different source of energy that has become the talk of the town - magnets. Yes, magnets can be used to make a magnetic generator which can provide you with free energy for all your home needs. We have started looking towards other sources of energy for the sheer fact that the cost of electricity has risen incredibly in the recent years and also for the need to contribute to a greener Earth. A magnetic generator provides just that; it is highly cost effective to build such a generator and since no emissions are given out, it is extremely safe for the environment. Such a generator can be built at home itself and does not require you to spend big bucks. The cost for building a magnetic generator should be around a hundred dollars or so and this one time investment can help you save hundreds of dollars on electricity bills every month. But if you feel, this hundred dollars itself is too much for you, and then let me share with you a way to build a generator from materials lying around in your home or garage. Make sure you possess some good quality tools; these can be bought at a nearby hardware store or from online stores if you do not already own them. Some of the tools can even be hired for a day to two till your build the magnetic generator. All the raw materials and parts that will be required for building the generator are easily available both online as well as at hardware stores. Try to purchase new ones as much as possible so that the equipment functions efficiently for a long time; cheap parts may shorten the life span and that means extra expense once again. Get yourself a good guide or manual which has illustrated steps on how to build a magnetic generator. Building a magnetic ...