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    Magnetic Generators - Can You Really Make Them on Your Own?


    by chubaiw

    '''►► -''' Have you heard the rumors that you can make your own magnetic generators and save tons of money on your electric bill? If so, you have may have a mix of thoughts about the concept of creating your own generator. You are likely intrigued and interested but still skeptical about your ability to actually create a functional generator that really works without a professional guiding your every move. The bad news is you will need a bit more confidence in yourself to take the action required to benefit from home energy generators, but the great news is you can actually create these generators from your home and knock more than half off your current electric bill. What are Home Energy Generators? Magnetic generators that you can make on your own are just like those that you would purchase from any store in that they produce electricity that can be used to power all the electrical outlets in your home. Generators from the store can use a variety of different technologies to create this energy, but magnetic generators that can be built from home use magnets to create the energy. There are three characteristics required to make home energy generators functional in a residential setting: 1.They have to create more energy than they consume while operating. 2. They have to work completely on their own, without the help of public electric grids. 3.They must run around the clock, nonstop. In order to generate enough power to keep your entire house functioning around the clock you will need numerous magnetic generators, but even just one or two homemade generators can reduce your dependency on the public electrical grid enough to save you some money. What to Expect from Your Generators