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    Magnetic Generators - Solution For High Electricity Bills


    by chubaiw

    '''►► -''' A magnetic generator is a device which can produce energy free of cost. Apart from the initial expense of setting up the device, which is of course inevitable in any case, you can power your entire house. Once you've set up the magnetic generator, you need not worry about anything at all because it runs by itself indefinitely without ever needing any other external source to power it. Amazing isn't it? You bet it is! Because of the fact that people can produce their own electricity out of it without having to pay electricity bills, it is suppressed by all those in the corporate world. The reason is of course very simple. If this happens then the owners of huge energy corporations all over the world will have to start searching for new jobs. The magnetic power generator is basically a device which runs with the help of magnetic force and magnets. It uses neodymium magnets which are rare earth magnets made of alloys of boron, iron and neodymium. These compounds have high demagnetization resistance and hence tough and long lasting. Some of the advantages of magnetic power generators are as follows. First of all they are very compact and require very little space to store. Secondly, the materials required to make the machine are very cheap and available all over the world. All you need to have is the basic know-how of how to set up the device, which in turn is a very easy task. Provided with the installation package and some basic knowledge about generators, practically anyone can do it. Taking into account all the above mentioned advantages of magnetic generators, it's likely that very soon energy producing companies all around the world will start using this wonder technology. So until then you can use this technology to your advantage and power your house for free. The generator is hazard free and does not cause any kind of pollution to the environment. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself an installation package and start setting up your