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    Ickerpiss from YouTube



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    AKA Michael Lotz, is a glorified b/tard, and former YouTube troll who enjoys a little borgfaggin' now and then. Ironically, he began his "trolling" (the term is used loosely) around late '07, not by trolling, but by publicly being trolled by some other random retards.

    In addition to being a "psychic vampire" and a werewolf, Ickeriss is apparently a "necromancer" as well. He can be seen on the forums asking for advice on how to "wake up spirits".

    Mike has his hands full on /cwc/, so don't go doing anything rude like posting pictures of his dick and his tearful voicemails to his ex on there to ruin his faggot little cult of personality he's obtained or anything like that, or he'll just have to break out his troll skillz and call u mad.