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    Pilot Still Missing in Hong Kong


    by NTDTelevision

    The search for an Air New Zealand pilot who went missing in Hong Kong has entered its fifth day.

    More than 200 rescue workers including family and friends searched a hiking path in rural Hong Kong for deputy pilot Steve Morrissey over the weekend.

    [Leung Kwok, Search Team Leader]:
    “We put most of our search team within the area of the missing pilot, from Hsien Ku Fung (Pat Sin Leng), where he was last seen. We will focus on the eastern part of Pat Sin Leng, around the river and the rocks.”

    Morrissey went missing when he was hiking in Hong Kong’s New Territories with colleagues, and never checked in at a meeting point last Wednesday.

    A hat believed to belong to Morrissey is the only sign that rescuers have found so far.