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    Real freedom from cell phone contracts and bills - Tracfone

    Stef Cowan

    by Stef Cowan



    martha wilson
    i also feel so releaved now that i am out of my contract and into prepaid with tracfone. i am finally free of all sorts of hidden fees and unexplained and unexpected charges at month end. i only have a small income and need to save where i can. with tracfone i manage to save a lot of money every month and still can enjoy and afford to chat to friends and family, just to stay updated with what is happening in their an my life. i got the double minutes for life, a huge bonus, meaning every minute i buy gets doubled up by tracfone. i have nationwide cover and free 411 calls, and believe it or not, international calls are charged at local rates.tracfone means real cellphone bill freedom and great value for money to me.
    By martha wilson5 years ago
    I've thought about it yesterday that that my hubby also would like a LG420G flip phone. He loves his sports and I know he would love to get the news updates on the web access on this phone when he's not at home near a TV. It's been a financially tough year for my family but we've managed to pay off all our debts and put some money aside for an emergency so i'ts time to spoil ourselves with a few practical gifts. I can't wait to see his face when he gets his Christmas present.
    By honeysuckle225 years ago
    Make sure you check out the web exclusive offers that TracFone has on That's where I found my great deal of 1000 minutes for 365 days for only $159.99. I love TracFone's service and no contract or surprise fees policy.
    By HowlingMan5 years ago
    Tracfone certainly has proved themselves through the years. In fact I'll go so far as saying the tracfone has pioneered the way we think about prepaid today. From time when prepaid was associated with gangsters, and louches, we now have an entire nation turning towards this no hassle, penalty free way of having a cellphone.
    By Illke5 years ago
    I like the fact that Tracfone has such a large variety of prepaid plans to choose from, plus they are always having specials on them, like extra points if you buy this plan before a certain period and then you use the promocode. I always try to buy the plan that is on special at the time. The flexibility is a great plus. The best thing I did when I bought my Tracfone was to buy one with double minutes for life, so I only pay $9.99 for 60 minutes - Oh boy I'm enjoying being bill free and paying such a meagre price for my prepaid plan.
    By Chloe6 years ago
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