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    Real cell phone costs - Tracfone

    Stef Cowan

    by Stef Cowan



    Tracfone definitely isn't for a frequent user, but if you're a very sparse user then tracfone is really the only way to go. No hidden fees or contracts and you can get it for pretty much as much as you use it for. It doesn't have great features and the phones are barren, but why would you need those things if you use it like only a few times per week?
    By JohnstonHH5 years ago
    Thinking about changing cellphones... Which cellphone Tracfone cellphone do you guys recommend in buying??
    By Gotoby5 years ago
    With Tracfone pre-paid for life you have freedom to call, text and have peace. I was always upset because I paid so much with the 2yr. contract company, it was horrible. Tracfone is great for college students, son or daughters moving out on their own, or for yourselves. I have save since I became a customer of Tracfone. Best to all in getting Tracfone as your cellphone provider.
    By mysticmey5 years ago
    Tracfone offers a plan for us customers to save. Like the add stated you have no contract, and no bills at the end of each month. Tracfone is reliable and has great service. I switched because I actually fell sick of paying so a high bill in just local calls and text messages. Now, I have freedom to do both and without worry. Switch today and you will see does savings coming your way.
    By chanmay5 years ago
    Its SHOCKING how many Americans haven't caught on to the fact that prepaid really is the only effective way to manage a phone bill. There can be no surprises. There can be no getting into trouble about it at the end of the month. And it's been around with tracfone for more than a decade and a half now.
    By Yiddleda5 years ago
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