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    Naomi 'flirted with Charles Taylor'


    by ODN

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    Naomi Campbell's former agent has told a court the supermodel flirted with alleged war criminal Charles Taylor and was excited about receving diamonds from him.

    Campbell appeared at the Special Court for Sierra Leone last week and said she had been given "dirty looking pebbles" after a 1997 charity dinner in South Africa. She said she had not been expecting the gift, which arrived in the middle of the night, and did not realise they were "blood diamonds".

    But Carole White said the model flirted with Taylor over dinner and was eagerly anticipating a gift from him, only to be disappointed when she saw that the uncut diamonds were not shiny and "not enormously big".

    Ms White said Campbell "eventually agreed" to give the stones to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund because she feared that Campbell would expect her agent to carry them out of South Africa illegally.

    Actress Mia Farrow earlier told the court that she heard Campbell say she had been given a "huge diamond" by Charles Taylor.

    "She said in the night she had been awakened by men knocking at her door that said they had been sent to her by Charles Taylor, and they had given her a very huge diamond," Farrow told the court.

    Prosecutors are seeking to link the diamonds to Taylor to prove allegations that he received diamonds from rebels in Sierra Leone and used them to buy weapons. Taylor denies the allegations.