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    Affordable, contract free cell phone service - Tracfone

    Stef Cowan

    by Stef Cowan



    Tracfone is what I was looking for. No contract, no hidden fees and savings. This company has been around for a while now and they offer good service any where you go. Also, you only spend what you have purchased per month and nothing more. Thanks Tracfone for the savings coming to me soon.
    By chanmay5 years ago
    Tracfone is an affordable cellphone company. After been with a contract for 12 yrs. and switching to Tracfone, it is like having all you wanted in life. No contract, no hidden fees and most of all savings, that I did not have before. Tracfone will reduce to a minimum what you used to pay with a contract company. You use what you need, not a penny extra. Switching was a good step towards saving big.
    By mysticmey5 years ago
    @ Yiddleda... Yeah Jitterbug is crazy expensive compared to Tracfone. I have no idea why people would bother with it when you can get a better phone, better coverage, and more minutes with a Tracfone. Oblivious to the fact..
    By Gotoby5 years ago
    usU2> The reason people take on a jitterbug, is because they like dealing with Amricans. The price they pay for it is stupidly high., but if that's how far your optimism stretches into american customer service, then cough up. For one eighth of the price, you can deal with the same standard, but in a different accent.
    By Yiddleda5 years ago
    CVC> Jittybug. Not sure why anyone would buy a Jitty bug when you can get a svc phone for a fraction of the price. Maybe i just like to save money or maybe im just sensible.
    By usU25 years ago
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