CS Sunday: Top Kill, Final Kill?

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by Clean Skies News

BP claims a milestone.. Announcing for the first time, that drilling "mud" forced down into the well finally held back the flow of oil out. A new NOAA report says half of the spilled gulf oil is gone.. evaporated or dissolved by nature ... sucked up, skimmed or burned by the cleanup. But, that still leaves half in the ocean and much unaccounted for. Susan McGinnis talks with Dr. Ian MacDonald, Professor of Oceanography at Florida State University, about just where that oil is going. When the summer heat is on... the pressure's on electric grid operators to keep your AC power coming. Margaret Ryan takes you inside a regional control room deep underground in Pennsylvania.Gasoline, Ethanol, Butanol... And more. Lee Patrick Sullivan takes you to Argonne Natonal Lab where scientists have an engine that's not picky about what kind of fuel goes in..... And what comes out could be the engine of the future. And as companies embark on the oil spill smackdown, the world's top scientists and engineers are working to assess the short and long term impacts of deepwater spills. Susan McGinnis went to Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where great minds in oceanography are mining this disaster, and using tools they learned from a 40 year old spill at their own back door that's still showing itself today.