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    Buying A New or Used Car: 5 More Steps

    8 views Buying a car: 5 More Steps for Buying A (New or Used) Car 1. Put things in writing Ignore any promise, warranty or guarantee that isn’t in writing, or that is conditional in any way. 2. Background checks Check if there is any outstanding financing on the vehicle. Order a vehicle history report with the VIN #. Make sure the car has not previously been severely damaged. 3. Signing a contract Never sign a contract until it’s complete, you have thoroughly read and understood it, you are sure you want the car, can afford it, and it is in the condition you are prepared to accept. 4. Important documents Always get a copy of any contract and warranty documents you sign when you buy a new or used car. Remember to check the Safety Certificate is valid and all vehicle details are correct. 5. Insurance Insure your car with a company you feel you can trust to give you good value-for-money coverage, and an efficient claims service. Throughout the car buying process, knowledge is power. So, be sure to know what you want and stick to your guns. Some of the best advice for buying (and selling) cars can be found here: