Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat

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This might be racist for ya...but what interested me was it's the same guy that created Woody Woodpecker!


Wow. Thanks for posting this. I'm glad that some people have the "guts" to post something that's not politically correct. I've only been able to see old cartoons like this in history classes.

I think they're incredibly telling of our culture and the history. I don't support the characteristics/biases they portray, but I think it's important for people to be aware that at some point in time, and probably still today, were getting paid to make this, and people engaged in watching it as enterainment.

I think the educational aspect of the American Paradigm at that point in time is not something that we should forget or try and ignore or brush over.
By Satyasamadhi 8 years ago
One of my all time favorite Lantz shorts, thanks for posting it. The Andrew Sisters actually had a hit with this song back in the day.
By Kevin Langley 8 years ago