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    THE FIXER "Jack Demerest" Character Trailer

    Teaser trailer for THE FIXER from RavensFilm Productions focusing on the character of JACK DEMEREST portrayed by CJ Koenig. Victor J. Simmons is a private investigator dedicated to helping desperate people in dangerous situations. People call him "The Fixer."

    This trailer features "Hot As Love" by Joe Becker (, and "Taillights Fade" by Apocalypse Cow (

    Starring Nick Doetsch, Carmiña Elizabeth, Ryan Salzwedel, CJ Koenig, Lucy Arenberg, Jonathan Goodman, Michael Molloy, Heather Schlitt, Gerrit Yank, & Glenn Alenn
    Directors of Photography - Eric Woltman • Allec Isshac
    Production Manager - Robert Sokolick
    Wrriter, Producer, Editor, Director - Nicholas J. Michalak

    Visit the film's official website for further promotional materials and information on this feature film.

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