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    Patrick Michael Kadas
    This show aired on December 1965. The gals were all dancers at Trude Heller's club in New York. Here are some of my favorite songs by this group:

    (a) Why Do I Cry - Barry & The Remains - 1965 - "AMG pick. A HIGHLY regarded Massachusetts punk-r&b band." - The Remains-1991.

    (b) Don't Look Back - Barry & The Remains - 1966 - "GREAT Mick Jagger-esque vocals. You'll always wonder why it wasn't a Top Ten hit. With a Subliminal message." - The Remains-1991.

    (c) All Good Things - The Remains - c1964/6 - talking intro..., "A HIGHLY REGARDED Massachusetts punk-R&B band. Good beat, vocals, guitar hooks." - A Session With The Remains-1996.
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