Nat Shilkret - African Serenade, 1930

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Nat Shilkret & His Victor Orchestra, v. Frank Luther - African Serenade (H.da Costa/ N. Shilkret), Victor 1930

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Patrick, indeed, the artistry and the temperature of Shilkret's arrangement reminds me of "Zulu Wail", you uploaded some time ago, back in YT.
Przez grzegorz240252 4 lata temu
Wonderful presentation and I immediately thought this would make a fabulous film score, till I read on the label it actually is!
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
I love the exciting, exotic music and the beautiful photos of Africa. Some look like Riefenstahl's.
Przez dzheger 4 lata temu
Lana, thank you! I'm just now looking for some nice tango for you. And guess what - I am sure, I'll find one! :-))
Przez grzegorz240252 4 lata temu
Hello Grzegorz - It is a fun upload. The photos are dazzling as always! The music is really cool, though! Thanks!
Przez tango3721 4 lata temu
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