Live - You Are That, Too -or- Humility & Awakening

Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2010-08-06 3rd - Live Journal, Mayan day 7 Road ♥ TRANSCRIPT: It's live, so not literally a transcript - just some informative notes ;) ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: I’m up in the clouds, again, sharing some musings about all of you. I share with you how I’m nothing special. More importantly, you’re every bit of all that I am - we’re ALL this nothing, or this something special. It’s the One that’s magnificent - not us. Humility will save your bacon every time. Mind is the trickster, who wants to be in control, no matter what. It doesn’t have much use for this awakening stuff. Mind isn’t trained just yet. Well, humility will keep you safe from mind’s tricks. Check it out. It’s quite beautiful. We get to be both the All That Is, the full magnificence of that - and the nothing, the empty cup, just as well. I discuss those who are enlightened - and how I’m not one of them. Some light discussion of the whole enlightenment concept, and what I think of that. How humility is part of awakening, as I see it. How we become, in effect, the great, the greatest, by becoming the emptiness of nothing. I share some pondering on how we’re all connected, and what that’s all about. The chain of hierarchy, the daisy chain that we form - or the rainbow bridge. Light flows over or through that. Eternity and Infinity are the playground of Love. I share with you my ponderings on having you write down your inspirations, when they come - and the why of that. How and why we lose touch with or leave behind the mountain-top experiences we have, and wind up seeking to recapture them. Check out another perspective on all of this... Distributed by Tubemogul.