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    Opening to Hercules 1998 VHS

    John V.

    by John V.

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    Here is the opening to the 1998 VHS of Hercules.

    1. Green Warnings (Late 90's Version)
    2. Walt Disney Company Intro
    3. "Join Us for a Special Preview..."
    4. Mulan Sneak Preview
    5. "Coming to Video"
    6. The Little Mermaid Preview
    7. Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World Preview
    8. Peter Pan Preview
    9. Flubber Preview
    10. "Feature Presentation"
    11. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Logo
    12. "This film has been modified..."
    13. Walt Disney Pictures Logo

    Note: The previews for Peter Pan and Flubber are actually theatrical trailers. Here they are edited for home video release.

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