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    Naomi Campbell Testifies at Hague War Crimes Trial


    by NTDTelevision

    And in the headlines today, British supermodel Naomi Campbell testifies at the war crimes trial of ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor in The Hague. Prosecutors say the ex president used rough cut diamonds to buy weapons—an allegation Taylor denies.

    The prosecution summoned Campbell to prove Taylor possessed rough cut diamonds—or "blood diamonds"—from rebels in Sierra Leone.

    They allege Taylor gave Campbell such a diamond when both attended a dinner in South Africa in 1997.

    Campbell told the U.N. Special Court for Sierra Leone, she'd met Taylor for the first time at the dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela.

    Campbell says she received a pouch of diamonds later that night, but didn't know who sent the gift.

    [Naomi Campbell, Supermodel]:
    "When I was sleeping I had a knock at my door and I opened my door and two men were there and gave me a pouch and said 'A gift for you'."

    [Brenda Hollis, Special Court’s Chief Prosecutor]:
    "Do you know what time that was?"

    [Naomi Campbell, Supermodel]:
    "No I don't. I was sleeping so I was woken up from my sleep."

    [Brenda Hollis, Special Court’s Chief Prosecutor]:
    "These two men—did you know who they were?"

    [Naomi Campbell, Supermodel]:
    "No. I am afraid not."

    [Brenda Hollis, Special Court’s Chief Prosecutor]:
    "Did these two men introduce themselves to you?"

    [Naomi Campbell, Supermodel]:
    "No, they did not."

    The ex-Liberian president denies he ever possessed blood diamonds, or that he took them to South Africa to buy weapons—as the prosecutors allege.

    Taylor faces 11 charges at this Hague trial, including instigating murder, rape, and the conscription of child soldiers.

    His alleged crimes took place during wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone in which more than 250,000 people were killed.