Harry Reser When I Take My Sugar To Tea 1931

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Harry Reser's Radio Band - When I Take My Sugar To Tea, Hit of the Week, 1931

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Hello Grzegorz - This upload is super summery and cooling. Chicago is still in the "heat wave" mode for another few days - then it will finally, finally, finally - at last - cool off! Love the music and the visuals - as always!
Przez tango3721 4 lata temu
Jack, Michael, Genia thank you Michael for your explanation what that sweet&sour mix could be! Now I know, so it's going to be a brief message for I'm going with no delay to make a nice LIT highball for myself! : vodka, tequila, rum (no coca-cola!), gin, two medium size pork meatballs with Chinese sauce plus a splash of Jack's "tea" (a MJ tincture). And then - let's charleston, till dawn!
Przez grzegorz240252 4 lata temu
Just occurred to me that "tea" was also a period slang term for "MJ." (the "funny" tobacco)
Przez Boston Blackie 4 lata temu
Smashing Reser HOW. Genia I'll try your recipe but I shall leave out the Coca Cola - it's bad for your teeth. Also don't know what sweet and sour mix can be - sounds like a Chinese sauce for pork balls so I'll give that a miss too.
Przez fatsfan71 4 lata temu
This was a great jazzy record, and a hot one too! Now I need more than one refreshing ice tea portion :-)
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
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