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    Vehicles were hard to control in the pothole roads

    MiD Day Multimedia Ltd

    by MiD Day Multimedia Ltd

    A designer fabric loses it value the moment even a single thread comes loose. However, the five hundred meter stretch just before the octroi and the toll naka at Dahisar still generates more than Rs 1.70 crore everyday in spite of filled with potholes. There sizes of the potholes are so huge that barricades have been places on their sides. The 100-meter ride on bike just before the toll and after the toll naka can give one such heavy back pain that all the balm advertisers would be ashamed as none of them can cure it. Vehicles are more seen in garages than parking lots, but the authorities don’t even blink their eyes because they are minting money from here.

    Story & Video By - Varun Singh,MId-Day